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(Bharat Sarkar)
Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation
(Krishi Aur Sinchai Mantralaya)
(Department of Irrigation)
(Sinchai Vibhag)

New Delhi, the 24th March,1976



WHEREAS under the Indus Waters Treaty 1960, the waters of the three rivers, namely, Sutlej, Beas and Ravi became available for unrestricted use by India after 31st March, 1970,

AND WHEREAS while at the time of signing the said Treaty, the waters of Satluj had already been planned to be utilized for Bhakra-Nangal Project,the surplus flow of rivers Ravi and Beas over and above the pre-partition use,was allocated by agreement, in 1955 (hereinafter called the 1955 Agreement) between the concerned States as follows, namely:

Punjab 7.20 MAF
(including 1.30 MAF
for PEPSU)

Rajsthan 8.00 MAF
Jammu And Kashmir 0.65 MAF
15.85 MAF

and for the purpose of the said allocation, the availability of water was based on the flow series of the said rivers for the years 1921-1945;

AND WHEREAS after the allocation aforesaid, there was a reorganization of the State of Punjab, as a result of which successor States were created, and it became necessary to determine the respective shares of successor States out of the quantum of water which would have become available in accordance with the allocation aforesaid for use in erstwhile State of Punjab. AND WHEREAS under Section 78 of the Punjab Re-Organization Act, 1966 (31 0f 1966), the successor States were required to reach an agreement (after consultation with the Central Government) within two years from the first day of November, 1966 in relation to the Bhakra-Nangal and Beas Project, and in the event of their failure to reach such an agreement, the Central Government was required to determine the rights and liabilities of the successor States having regard to the purpose of the said projects;

AND WHERFAS by reason of the inability of the successor States to reach an agreement with regard to their rights and liabilities in relation to the Beas Project within the period aforesaid, the State of Haryana made an application to the Central Government for making the determination referred to in Sub-section (i) of Section 78 of the Punjab Re-organization Act, 1966 (31 of 1966);

AND WHEREAS for the purpose of making the said determination the Governments of the States of Punjab and Haryana were given opportunity to state their views at several meetings convened for this purpose by the Central Government;
AND WHEREAS the Governments of the States of Punjab and Haryana have been unable to come to an agreement inspite of all the reasonable facilities which have been afforded to them to come to such an agreement;

AND WHEREAS the purpose of Beas Project, inter-alia, include integrated use of the waters of Ravi,Beas and Satluj rivers and extension of irrigation to arid land and also water supply to Delhi;

AND WHEREAS as a result of Beas Project , the entire quantum of Beas waters, and a part of Ravi waters will become available and that the balance waters of the Ravi will be available after further conservation works on this river such as Thein dam are completed;

NOW THEREFORE, in exercise of the powers conferred by Sub-section (1) of Section 78 of Punjab Re-organization Act, 1966 (31 of 1966), the Central Government hereby makes the following determination, namely:-
Taking note of the facts that Haryana has large arid tract and also several drought prone areas and present development of irrigation in the State of Haryana is substantially less as compared to that in the State of Punjab, and further taking into consideration that comparatively larger quantity of water is needed for irrigation in the State of Haryana and there is limited availability of water from other sources in the State, the Central Government hereby directs that out of the water which would have become available to the erstwhile State of Punjab on completion of the Beas Project (0.12 MAF whereof is earmarked for Delhi Water Supply), the State of Haryana will get the 3.5 MAF and the State of Punjab will get the remaining quantity not exceeding 3.5 MAF. When further conservation works on the Ravi are completed, Punjab will get 3.5 of 7.2 MAF which is the share of the erstwhile State of Punjab. The remaining 0.08 MAF, out of the 7.8 MAF, is recommended as additional quantum of water for Delhi Water Supply for acceptance by both the Governments of Punjab and Haryana.

AND WHEREAS the above allocation on completion of the Beas Project is based on the 1921-45 flow series corresponding to the availability of 11.24 MAF in the Beas at Mandi Plain ( after allowing for 1.61 MAF as pre partition uses ) and the availability of 4.61 MAF in the Ravi after allowing for pre-partition uses and losses in the Modhopur Beas link;

AND WHEREAS the fluctuations in the Ravi flow have a very small effect on the availability of water on completion of the Beas Project;

It is hereby declared that if the availability of water in the Beas at Mandi Plain is more or less in a particular year, the share of the State of Haryana would be increased or decreased, as the case may be, pro-rata taking into consideration the provision of the 1955 agreement and the requirement of Delhi Water Supply.

Addi. Secy. to the Govt. of India



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