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I have immensely benefited from visits and discussions with the knowledgeable people in different walks of life at home and abroad and by reading penetrating and insightful articles of erudite scholars, engineers, public men, lawyers and bureaucrats and from leaders in various papers and journals on different aspects concerning the construction of Satluj-Yamuna Link canal.

Scholarly and tactful pleadings of able lawyers for Punjab and Haryana before the Eradi Tribunal and in the suits before the Supreme Court, and the learned judgments of the Supreme Court in the matter of construction of SYL canal greatly enhanced my understanding and knowledge of the issues involved.

I obtained valuable information and knowledge on going through various publications of the Institute of Sikh Study, Chandigarh especially the following:

(i) Punjab River-Waters Dispute [extracted from the book Fundamental Issues in Sikh Studies.]

(ii) Proceedings of the seminar on Punjab Waters-SYL Canal held at Chandigarh on November 10, 2002.

To hone my perception of numerous terms relevant to the subject, I also liberally consulted the Random House Webster’s College Dictionary (April 1999 Edition) and The New Encyclopaedia Britannica.

I express my sincerest thanks to the authors/ publishers of the aforesaid works and to the savvy individuals who very kindly spared their invaluable time to let me avail myself of their instructive and rewarding oral comments.

My gratitude to the Institute of Sikh Studies and its worthy members cannot be adequately expressed. They are the catalyst without whom this referral abstract would not have been conceived and brought out. They are indeed God-Fathers of this compendium and have been uniformly generous and kindly.

My profoundest thanks to Jasbir Singh, President, Humbhi LLC, Summerfield, N.C., U.S.A who cheerfully placed his vast library and electronic gadgets at my disposal to enable me to prepare a draft of this book in Summerfield, North Carolina, U.S.A. in June-July 2003.

My expression of gratitude through these words is too inadequate to convey my feelings of gratefulness to the learned Dr. Kharak Singh whose erudition, dedication and meaningful endeavours for public welfare are so well known. He is always helpful and inspiring. He not only made immensely useful comments while going through the draft of this book but very kindly found time to write its foreword. I am indebted to him for his kindness and guidance.

I also place on record my thanks and appreciation to the Institute of Sikh Studies which decided to publish this book and to the printers Sidharth Media Printers, Chandigarh for printing, binding and bringing out this book in the shape and form it is in the hand of readers to whom I owe sincere thanks for sparing their valuable time to go through this write-up.

Chandigarh : January 17, 2004 Gurdev Singh



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